Ep 46: Peter Bleksley Interview – Undercover, Hooliganism, Hillsborough, Supporting QPR, Hunt For Kevin Parle

We were delighted to be joined this week by auto, broadcaster and former police officer Peter Bleksley.

Peter spoke to us about growing up supporting Queen’s Park Rangers as well as his love for boxing and cricket.

We also chatted at length about football hooliganism with a particular look at recent events over the last couple of years.

Peter speaks very passionately about the Hillsborough tragedy and the coverage of it in the years after. 

Peter finishes by telling us about his current project, Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle, where he has both a book and podcast out. Kevin is wanted for two separate murders in 2004 and 2005, and Peter tell us about the two victims, 16 year old Liam Kelly and 22 year old mother of three, Lucy Hargreaves. 

You can buy the book here: https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/manhunt-hunting-britains-most-wanted-murderer/9781913543983.html

Or listen to the podcast Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle on your preferred podcast app. 

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