Ep 7: Ironman – Carl Wallace on his comeback from two knee injuries to completing a full Ironman. Ryan Murphy also joins us to discuss their ‘lockdown’ Ironman for Support4Drummo

Carl Wallace joins us to discuss completing a full Ironman and the journey to that with two long-term injuries. We discuss the mental side of dealing with injuries, meeting Padraig Harrington, training, nutrition, and the gruelling race itself.

Ryan Murphy also joins us on the line to talk about the Support4Drummo campaign and how both he and Carl raised funds doing a ‘lockdown’ Ironman.

We also take a look back at last week’s finish to the EFL Championship and preview the upcoming playoffs. 

  • 00:12 Week in Sport
  • 04:50 Carl Wallace Interview
  • 56:28 Support4Drummo Run
  • 65:13 Charities
  • 66:10 ‘Sea of Uncertainity’ BENJAYMN

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