Ep 15: David Gough – GAA Pride, Dublin v Kerry, Rule Changes, Letters

David Gough was one of the highest profile GAA figures of 2019 as he led the successful introduction of Pride to the GAA as well as reffing the All Ireland Final drawn game between Dublin and Kerry. 

David chats to us firstly about the difficulty of coming out to his teammates and how he hopes Pride will encourage others in the GAA to come out. 

We also talk about his inter-county career, that Johnny Cooper red card, why he wants to scrap the rulebook completely and getting letters in the post.

We round up with a chat after the interview on the issues racing GAA referees. 

Also listen to find out what links Marty Morrissey and Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow. 

00:11 Introduction

01:35 David Gough Interview

68:50 Our thoughts

  • 69:00 Rulebook
  • 72:30 Changes to Yellow/Black/Red Card
  • 74:45 The Sunday Game 
  • 76:45 Unfair Referee Criticism
  • 79:25 Two Yellows Copout

83:57 DCullen – ‘Alright’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXA9XpOrUjo

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David Gough on ripping up the GAA Rulebook and starting again

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